About us

With technology-enabled, expert-driven solutions that educate, mitigate and manage the ever changing business travel and security landscape, we support organisations in taking reasonable precautions against foreseeable risks.

Organisations worldwide choose us to protect their personnel, assets, profitability and reputation. We currently protect over 11 million lives and thousands of operational facilities in some of the world’s highest risk environments.

Security audits and site reviews

Our mission

Our mission is to safeguard our clients by integrating best-in-class information technology with deep operational security capability. This provides clients with the assurance of knowing that we will keep them…

Informed – with customised research, analysis and intelligence to support their priority risk management decisions

Protected – by helping them to develop, implement and support security policies and procedures, in realistic proportion to their operating environments

In control – with industry-leading 24/7 emergency, crisis and advisory support during incidents or at periods of heightened uncertainty, insecurity and instability

Our people and approach

Our extremely talented teams work closely together to help you to achieve your objectives. A unique blend of practitioners, analysts, technologists and consultants, we have one of the best teams in the world for managing emergency evacuations and high-risk situations, or for simply ensuring your business trip is a safe one.

  • Our Tactical Practitioners bring hands-on experience from the military, intelligence services and the police, knowing what must be done to secure the safety of your people, even in extremity.
  • Our Global Analysts have a myriad of dispersed information sources at their fingertips and are skilled at identifying and analysing risk of all levels. Their in-depth risk advisory reports provide you and your people with the latest information and breaking news, from public health concerns to the spread of insurgency.
  • Our Technologists use their IT know-how to develop the tools and technologies on which our clients (and we) depend. They constantly monitor the changing technology landscape for advances that can be incorporated into our solutions to further improve security and communications.
  • Our Account Managers are experienced consultants who will act as your trusted advisor on the services that will best protect your organisation, and will be your main point of contact with Drum Cussac.

Our worldview - minimising the risk attached to global opportunity