[Press Release] New Product Feature: Roll Call

Roll Call enables businesses to establish easy two-way communications with employees to check their well-being if an incident occurs. Read on to find out more about Roll Call and how it can help support your business resiliency.
roll call drum cussac travel risk management

roll call drum cussac travel risk management

Simplify people safety with quick and easy incident communications.

Drum Cussac’s Roll Call enables easy two-way communication with your people to confirm their safety and provide assistance if a health, safety or security risk arises.

Fully integrated into the state-of-the-art GlobalRiskManager™ platform, Roll Call centralises your emergency response communications in a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Ensure your team’s safety with the following features:

  • Integrated intelligence for real-time notifications – Roll Call is fully integrated into GlobalRiskManager™, so you can make more informed decisions by monitoring risks, assessing real-time alerts, tracking your people and engaging in two-way communications from a single, easy-to-use platform.
  • Easy to use for quicker prioritisation – Roll Call centralises incident responses in one user-friendly dashboard, so you can monitor individual replies and quickly identify who you need to prioritise.
  • Custom messages with fixed responses – Customise SMS and Email communications for the incident at hand and quickly establish the safety of your personnel with clear, fixed-option responses.
  • Proximity + location-specific alerts – Your operations team can make more informed decisions by evaluating risks by country, location, or individual proximity to an alert before triggering a Roll Call.
  • In-depth, actionable reporting – Real-time event reporting enables you to monitor every individual’s status and safety. These comprehensive logs track event histories, comms, responses and more so you can inform and improve your team’s future actions.

Why do you need Roll Call?

For businesses looking to expand operations internationally and into potentially complex geographies, having the ability to stay in touch with their global personnel if an incident occurs is invaluable.

Drum Cussac’s Roll Call, the newest addition to the cutting-edge GlobalRiskManager™ platform, enables businesses to quickly identify if they have anyone impacted and establish two-way communications to check whether they are safe.

This valuable tool makes it easy to ensure personnel safety, fulfil duty of care obligations and maintain operational continuity – wherever your travellers are around the globe.

If your business is expanding into geographically or political complex regions, or your people operate in multiple regions around the globe, Roll Call will be an invaluable asset to your organisation.

How does Roll Call work with GlobalRiskManager™?

The GlobalRiskManager™ platform currently provides a best-in-class, all-in-one solution to people, asset and risk monitoring.

The Roll Call function now allows users to launch a bulk communication that asks potentially affected personnel to quickly respond (using fixed responses) to confirm whether they are OK or otherwise.

This enables businesses and users, in a short space of time, to identify the people they need to prioritise.

Security and operations team can also use the platform’s integrated risk alerts to assess and evaluate the situation before triggering a Roll Call, giving your team maximum flexibility to make the right call for both your people and your business.

Who can use Roll Call?

Roll Call is now available as an ‘add on’ for subscribers of PeopleMonitor, our people tracking solution.

To discuss how Roll Call can ensure the well-being of your people and business continuity in complex regions, contact Drum Cussac now at info@drum-cussac.com.