Keep track of fast-moving security events and long-term risk trends with our global security and risk intelligence solution. RiskMonitor provides strategic country assessments and 24/7/365 real-time alerts via a single state-of-the-art technology platform.

Global Risk Monitor

RiskMonitor is a web-based portal combining travel, security and geopolitical intelligence and analysis, tailored to the needs of both risk management professionals and international travellers. The platform offers comprehensive expert coverage of current and future threats and hazards worldwide. Our in-house analysts use a multi-source approach, combining intelligence from our comprehensive global networks, cutting-edge social media tools, privileged and proprietary systems and extensive industry reach to deliver actionable and timely information.

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RiskMonitor provides:

  • In-depth risk profiles on over 200 countries/territories, 300 cities and 500 sub-national areas worldwide
  • Quantitative ratings for 20 specific threats and hazards in 5 major risk categories
  • A 1-5 risk rating system with 25 tiers to assess local level nuances and trend analysis
  • Traveller risk briefings for over 500 destinations globally
  • Visual mapping of country risk levels and latest security alerts with instant interactive drill-down
  • Real-time security alerts delivered 24/7 via email, configurable for individual user preferences
  • Daily analysis of key risk events, trends and forecasts around the world
  • Pre-departure and in-journey security intelligence for your travelling population
  • Options to access our analysts with enquiries on your own specific priorities

Global Risk Monitor

Global Risk Monitor

Supporting critical decision making

Via the RiskMonitor, you can quickly access expert risk intelligence to provide critical support to your global operations.

The intelligence provided can help to answer questions such as:

  • Should we invest in this part of the world?
  • Should our personnel travel to this area in the near future?
  • Do we need to get our people out of this situation or are they safe for now?
  • Do we need to increase (or decrease) our security posture in this country?

RiskMonitor also supports your Duty of Care programme by providing pre-departure risk briefings and real-time alerts to your travelling population.

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