Travel Protect

A comprehensive and easy to use travel risk management system providing real time risk alerting, rapid location and tracking of travellers and a reliable incident communication capability.

Travel Protect puts you in control when managing the risks associated with travel. It alerts you in real-time to changes in the risk landscape, locates and tracks your travellers, and supports rapid communications should an incident occur.

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Keeping a watch over your most valuable assets – your people

Travel Protect supports you in fulfilling your Duty of Care responsibilities for your travellers. It unifies information from different sources to provide a comprehensive, seamless picture of your travelling population and the risks they may encounter.

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Travel Protect

Map your people and premises

Map your people and premises

Travel Protect enables you to understand at a glance the current risk landscape and how it could affect your people. A global map displays information such as risk ratings, incidents and traveller locations plus assets, premises and other significant buildings as required.

Help your travellers to prepare

Help your travellers to prepare

Before embarking on their trip, travellers receive an automated email with country information for their travel destination and any countries/regions through which they will travel.

Monitoring the journey

Monitoring the

Utilising Passenger Named Records rather than relying solely on official itineraries, Travel Protect effectively monitors the whereabouts of your people, confirming their arrival in-country, providing an accurate starting point for the onward monitoring of their location.

Keep your travellers connected

With Travel Protect, all registered travellers have access to our smartphone app. Far more than just a traveller tracking app, the app provides your travelling population with invaluable pre-trip intelligence, live risk alerts and the reassurance of knowing that they can be located and communicated with quickly and efficiently in case of emergency.

The app enables the registered traveller to:

  • Begin tracking their location via a simple activation button
  • Manually confirm their location via the ‘Check In’ function
  • Access country specific overviews and general traveller advice
  • Access local emergency contact numbers and dial directly
  • Speed-dial our 24/7 Global Operations Centre or an alternative designated contact number
  • Activate an SOS alert in case of emergency

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Keep your travellers connected

Communicate one-to-one or one-to-many

Communicate one-to-one or

Travel Protect also enables you to send your own messages out efficiently. Your Travel Security Team can circulate key and critical information rapidly to a large number of recipients wherever they are based.

Travel Protect provides your in-house team with the technology and intelligence they need to effectively manage your travel security operations.

If required, we can also offer a dedicated capability that allows you outsource the management and day to day operation of Travel Protect. Via our OverWatch service, our highly skilled team can operate under a fully outsourced model or as an extension to your in-house team.

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