Travel Risk Management For Universities

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The appeal of studying abroad is becoming more and more irresistible by the year for students and university staff alike. Between 2006 and 2017, the number of students travelling abroad increased from 241,791 to 332,727. Unfortunately, this makes managing the safety of what can often be hundreds of travellers at one time extremely difficult.

Travel risk management for universities is often a time consuming and complex task, with a number of unique challenges facing security staff on a daily basis. Listen to this insightful webinar to hear Tim Albers, Business Continuity Manager from Suffolk University, talk about these challenges in detail, and most importantly, the solutions.

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The Challenges

Keeping track of students abroad

The most common challenge across Higher Education is simply keeping track of hundreds of students abroad. Universities are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their travelling students, and so keeping track of their various locations can be difficult, especially when they want to travel to other locations in their free time.

Cross-departmental collaboration

Security team structure varies heavily between institutions. If security teams are small, there is a strong need to collaborate with other departments in order to uphold a robust travel risk management strategy. Unfortunately, a high staff turnover and the presence of several stakeholders, common within educational institutions, makes doing so even more difficult.

High expectations

When you combine the above with the high expectations placed on educational institutions by families to keep students safe, security professionals within Universities are subject to immense pressure. Being responsible for the travel risk management for universities is therefore a very stressful and difficult job.

The Solutions

Tim explains how implementing an effective travel risk management system helped Suffolk University overcome these oversights and ensure the safety of his students and staff abroad.

Successful tracking

Fully integrating GlobalRiskManager within their institution, Suffolk Uni have been able to successfully track all their travellers and have a complete understanding of the unique, location-dependent risks facing each of them. Travel risk management for universities is made possible from one screen.

Make more informed decisions

Better yet, with accurate tracking information and an improved knowledge of the risks their travellers face, Suffolk University have been able to make more efficient and strategically-informed decisions and prepare appropriately.

Peace of mind

Having the technology available on a 24/7 basis, plus the support of the Drum Cussac security experts has enabled Suffolk University to put a comprehensive travel risk management strategy in place. The University and students are notified of any dangerous threat almost immediately, and have the resources to react quickly. Suffolk University is now equipped to fulfil their duty of care to their students.

Key Takeaways

At Drum Cussac we believe that implementing a few practises shared by Tim, travel risk management for universities can become much easier.

Engage your students from the start

Make your students aware from the get-go that the technology and support is available to them. Why not try running competitions and implementing pre-departure training on the platform? Once students and staff have the knowledge of what’s available to them, they’re more likely to be engaged.

Find the right organisation for you

What kind of organisation do you want to work with? For Tim, working with a nimble and adaptable company was integral to help fulfill his needs. Drum Cussac’s smaller size has allowed Tim to enjoy close relationships and keep up-to-date with technology updates that could benefit him.  

Opt for flexible technology

Make sure the platform you invest in is capable of evolving. You want technology that is constantly improving and can cater to your specific needs. GlobalRiskManager is a flexible technology platform which has been purposely built with the ability to adapt.

Find out how we can help you keep your students safe.