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Traveller tracking just got smarter!

Traveller tracking just got smarter!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a major update to our Traveller Tracking app for smartphones, featuring an intuitive new interface, improved tracking options, new risk alerts, country reports and additional SOS functionality.

A key component of our Travel Protect solution (our travel risk management technology platform) this latest app release is the first of many exciting feature updates set to transform traveller tracking systems.

“Apps are prevalent now in all walks of life. With the travelling population being so app savvy, using an app to inform and assist travellers makes total sense. This latest version of our app offers even more functionality and provides even easier ways for users to track and confirm their location, access risk information and activate an SOS,” says Scott Nicholson, Drum Cussac Product Manager.

With our previous version of the app already providing organisations with the ability to account for their travelling population, keeping them informed, protected and in control, this update features a host of ground-breaking enhancements in a number of areas, including:

Tracking - Unlike other traveller tracking apps, our latest app tracks location changes rather than set tracking times, maintaining the device’s battery life far longer than typical tracking solutions.

Check In – In addition to the standard itinerary triggered check in functionality, users can now manually check-in at key stages of their journey – e.g. reaching a transport hub or arriving at their hotel. Users also now have the ability to view tracking and check-in markers on their device.

SOS – SOS alerts can now be activated in a number of different ways including pressing and holding anywhere within the app for five seconds – a key feature designed to allow covert activation of an SOS.

Risk alerts – In addition to receiving and viewing live risk alerts re their current location, users can now also opt to receive and view alerts on additional locations of their choice.

Country guides – Already an impressive feature of the previous app, the country guides are now even more intuitive and informative, providing vital information and local intelligence pre-trip and throughout the traveller’s journey.

As with the previous app, all registered users have a direct link with a designated response centre. Organisations can choose to have this linked to our own expertly manned 24/7 Global Operations Centre or their own Travel Manager or in-house security team.

The traveller tracking app allows organisations to arm their travelling population with an invaluable tool that provides them with pre-trip intelligence, live risk alerts and the reassurance of knowing that they can send an instant SOS or be located and communicated with quickly and efficiently in case of emergency.

“Having invested significantly in our intelligence, technology and response offerings, we continue to work closely with our clients and partners to provide one of the most integrated and holistic travel risk management solutions on the market today,” comments Janette Hiscock, Drum Cussac CEO. “This latest update revitalises our mobile app and sets a new benchmark for the traveller tracking market. It’s the first of a number of exciting developments due to launch over the coming months.”

This latest update is available on Apple devices, iOS 8 and above. Windows and Android updates will be coming soon.

For further information on our Traveller Tracking app, take a look at the latest product sheets.



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