organising major global events that are safe for staff and attendees

Case study

“Drum Cussac is very effective at providing factual confirmation of risks that occur within a crucial time frame. Their agility enables more focus on the actual capabilities of the platform which is always improving and becoming more beneficial to me, my employees and my organisation.”

Director of Security

The Client

Our client is a global British-owned information services business, specialising in hosting major events around the globe and providing key data insights for many respected brands. With over 2,000 staff in 40 offices across 16 countries, it is important to senior stakeholders that they are able to maintain oversight of their employees to fulfill their duty of care.

The Challenges

As a global brand our client faces a number of frequent challenges.

The Director of Security is solely responsible for the oversight of nearly 2,000 employees and 50 assets around the globe. Managing the safety of this number of people and locations is a challenge, as well as simply keeping tabs of changing staff, assets and suppliers.

Due to the nature of the business, organising and hosting major events around the world, they are faced with the task of keeping track of a significant number of employees and events guests who are travelling on a regular basis. To understand their whereabouts is crucial to mitigating risks before and during events.  

As well as keeping their people safe, it is of paramount importance to have a solid global situational awareness when selecting and monitoring event locations. To host a successful event our client needs to understand the nature of risk to prepare for, whilst being acutely aware of any incidents that take place just before or during which could affect operations.

The Solutions

GlobalRiskManager’s ability to evolve as a platform, along with the team’s flexibility, made Drum Cussac the logical option for providing the technology our client needed to keep their people safe.

AssetMonitor has provided a critical overview of office and event venue locations around the globe, as well as key suppliers. Being able to quickly identify any incident or risk that could affect these locations allows appropriate precautions to be put in place and keep the business running.

Combining AssetMonitor with RiskMonitor, PeopleMonitor and OverWatch has given our client crucial global situational awareness and the ability to act immediately if necessary.

By setting their RiskMonitor filters to only receive alerts with a ‘high’ risk level or above has enhanced their ability to quickly deal with genuine threats to their assets or people.

With the Overwatch service, Drum Cussac has also been given authority to act immediately in any life-threatening situation, and in doing so creating a seamless partnership to strengthen their internal security capabilities.  Having a virtual operations centre to assist in emergencies was a key feature of the service for the client, given that there is only one security position within the entire organisation.

Finally, PeopleMonitor has allowed our client to proactively monitor employees around the globe whilst travelling for events, with the means to communicate with them effectively to ensure their safety. With a high user engagement rate, the GlobalRiskMonitor app has provided employees with a quick and easy way to ‘Check-In’ to various locations and has given both key stakeholders and employees with peace-of-mind that their safety is prioritised and duty of care is fulfilled.

How Drum Cussac helped

  • Keeping track of all people and locations around the world
  • Timely notifications of high risk-alerts within the vicinity of their people or assets
  • Providing peace of mind that any incident can be dealt with immediately
  • Giving employees an easy means of letting security know they are safe or need help
  • Give key decision makers the global situational awareness to select new event locations