Overcoming global travel risks in the food and beverage industry

Case study

The client

pladis is home to iconic brands such as Godiva, McVitie’s and Ulker, whose products are enjoyed by millions worldwide, resulting in revenues of £2.2bn. This global food production powerhouse has in excess of 30 factories across 12 countries, employing more than 20,000 people.


The situation

Following a period of growth, and with an ever-growing number of employees travelling the globe on business, pladis needed better oversight and support for its international travellers, specifically within complex and emerging markets.

With pladis’ staff travelling to a wide range of diverse risk environments, they were faced with an increasing number of global threats including road traffic accidents, petty and serious crime, as well as potential health and wellbeing concerns.

The food production giant’s major challenges were:

  • Maintaining visibility of travelling staff
  • Staying aware of potentially threatening global incidents as they occurred and developed
  • Ensuring quick and easy lines of communication when a health, safety or security risk arose
  • Fulfilling their duty of care to employees and dependants

pladis needed a smart security solution that put people safety and security at the forefront of its organisation.


Our response

Drum Cussac’s experience and state-of-the-art technology made us the ideal choice to provide pladis with a comprehensive travel risk management programme that met their unique organisational needs.

pladis opted to utilise our GlobalRiskManager™ as their security command centre platform of choice. By implementing four of the eight GlobalRiskManager™ modules, we enabled the in-house pladis security teams to monitor employee wellbeing around the globe from a single screen.

The global food giant now has access to real-time risk alerts and global intelligence through RiskMonitor, keeping the organisation and its employees aware and ahead of potential operational threats. The PeopleMonitor module gives immediate access to the whereabouts and wellbeing of their people, as well as the ability to establish two-way communications with them when needed.

Alongside this, pladis also benefited from the GlobalSOS module, which provides 24/7 access to Drum Cussac’s Global Operations Centre and expert team, who can offer direct support and advice to employees in case of emergency.

To complete the travel risk solution, pladis outsourced their global risk monitoring needs to our Operations Team with the OverWatch module, allowing our experts to proactively monitor threats to their organisation 24/7/365 via GlobalRiskManager™ – providing unrivalled peace of mind to pladis’ travellers wherever they are.

“The OverWatch service provided by Drum Cussac provides me with peace of mind that our travellers are being  proactively monitored 24/7. As the manager responsible for global travel risk management, I consider this an important element of any mature travel risk management programme. It not only provides accountability in times of need, but also reassurance for our travellers and their families, particular when travelling through complex or high-risk environments.”

Adrian House, Global Travel Risk, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Lead

The outcome

With GlobalRiskManager™ integrated into their travel risk management programme, pladis saw a number of rapid successes, as our cutting-edge technology immediately offered:

  • Better visibility of employees and travellers worldwide
  • Increased awareness of potential and real risks at home and abroad
  • Fulfilment of their people-first culture and legal duty of care obligations
  • Improved organisational and stakeholder confidence in using technology to keep people safe
  • Facilitation of organisational objectives e.g. access to countries previously unfeasible
  • Increased efficiency of international travel processes, specifically in complex geographies
  • Improvements to employee safety and confidence when travelling

“Through their flexibility and open-mindedness, Drum Cussac has enabled our organisation to provide the level of duty of care to our employees that they deserve. They have increased awareness and traveller capability through proactive redeployment services and traveller engagement, which has provided the organisational confidence to support our teams anywhere in the world.”

Stuart Eustace, Global Head of Risk, Security & Crisis Management