A first-of its-kind aviation risk & security partnership

Leading risk and security experts, Drum Cussac & Osprey Flight Solutions, reach new heights with a first-of its-kind aviation risk & security partnership Drum Cussac, market-leading travel risk and security technology provider, have joined forces with Osprey Flight Solutions, aviation intelligence and data-led risk management experts to deliver a market-first aviation risk & security solution. […]

How to choose your travel risk management provider and platform

Aeroplane flying above skyscrapers.

  Understand and evaluate your own needs from a travel risk management provider  Ensure you get the answers that will help you decide which provider will best suit your organisation Feel more equipped before going into the buying process   Self assessment: How well do you understand your own needs and capabilities? It’s important for […]

Travel Risk Management For Universities

Introduction The appeal of studying abroad is becoming more and more irresistible by the year for students and university staff alike. Between 2006 and 2017, the number of students travelling abroad increased from 241,791 to 332,727. Unfortunately, this makes managing the safety of what can often be hundreds of travellers at one time extremely difficult. […]

Future of Risk: The Importance of Employee Wellbeing

The Importance of Managing Wellbeing Why is wellbeing important? As the conversations surrounding an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing become increasingly prevalent, it is becoming more important for organisations to ensure that they are fulfilling their duty of care towards employees by helping maintain healthy wellbeing. Dr Lucy Rattrie, Chartered Psychologist, explains in our recent […]

Future of Risk: The Unforeseen Risks of Hypermobility

The Unforeseen Risks of a Hypermobile Workforce Overview In a time when organisations’ global footprints are ever expanding, it is becoming more important that travellers understand the risks they face when outside the office. While the possibility of seeing the world and meeting new people on a regular basis makes travelling for work sound very […]

Most dangerous countries in the world 2019 (World Risk Map)

Our experts have ranked each country in the world from least to most risky. Find out which destinations offer more threats to you and your travellers now. Whether you’re a business traveller or someone heading abroad on holiday, one of the major concerns you’ll have is “will I be safe?”. To help you answer that question, our experts have rated the levels of risk present in each and every country across the globe. Take a look below to discover which are the most dangerous countries to travel to in 2019.

10 Crucial International Business Travel Tips (That Will Keep You Safe!)

international business travel tips

International business travel is a vital part of expanding your company’s presence around the world. To help travellers understand the potential risks they face and how to stay safe, we’ve asked our experts to share their top 10 essential international business travel tips.

5 Surprisingly LGBTQ+ Friendly Countries

LGBTQ friendly countries

Supporting your LGBTQ+ business travellers is an integral part of fulfilling your duty of care responsibilities. Therefore, staying up to date with changing laws and regional attitudes is essential in order to guarantee their safety and wellbeing.

Why you need to give your female business travellers more preparation

Business travel accounts for $1.3 trillion of global spending annually meaning more organisations are sending employees abroad. Organisations have a duty to ensure precautions are put in place to keep their business travellers safe, and in particular more vulnerable travellers, such as female travellers. With 70% of corporate travel buyers agreeing that female business travellers today face higher travel safety risks, it is clear that extra support needs to be provided to female employees to prepare them for their trip.

Female Solo Travellers in Latin America

brazilian sunrise

Solo female travellers face risks wherever they travel and more so in some locations than others. Despite not featuring highly in rankings of the most dangerous places, Latin America is still full of risks. Global Operations Officer, Mikel Irizar offers some insights.