Travel Risk Analysis: Anti-Government Unrest Resumes in Lebanon 2020

Unrest in Lebanon 2020

Unrest in Lebanon has resumed following a brief lull, with protesters declaring the week beginning 14 January “Anger Week”. Clashes broke out on 14 January as Lebanese security forces fired tear gas at rock-throwing protesters outside the Central Bank in Beirut. Formation of government appears unlikely to occur by protester’s declared 48-hour deadline due to […]

Travel Risk Analysis: London Bridge Knife Attack and UK Terrorism Risk Review

On Friday, 29 November a man wielding a knife carried out an attack on pedestrians and the attendees of an offender rehabilitation conference in the City of London, resulting in two deaths and injuries to three members of the public. The individual had a history of offences relating to Islamic extremist terrorism and was being […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Labour Protest Activity Shifts in China 2019

Statistics from 2019 show that labour protests in China are undergoing a general transformation from large-scale strikes by manufacturing sector workers to smaller-scale, spontaneous actions by service and transport sector employees. Labour strikes now also disproportionately effect domestic enterprises rather than foreign companies. This development has been precipitated by the decline of the country’s manufacturing […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Protests Continue as Rocket Hits International Zone in Iraq

Anti-government protests have continued in Baghdad as protesters rallied near the International Zone (IZ). A rocket landed in the IZ on 30 October, near the US Embassy killing an Iraqi soldier PM Abdul Mahdi is under increasing pressure to resign as leaders of top parliamentary blocs work together to force his removal Even if Abdul […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Typhoon Hagibis – Impact Assessment and Short-Term Outlook


On the weekend of 12 October, Typhoon Hagibis made landfall on the main Japanese island of Honshu, causing widespread flooding, displacement and loss of life. The storm system, which is the strongest to hit the Kantō region since 1958, has continued to cause air, rail and road transport disruption, as well as the loss of […]

Travel Risk Analysis: National Day Protests in Hong Kong 2019 – Summary, Impact and Future Risk Mitigation


Hong Kong has witnessed widespread unrest as increasingly large numbers of pro-democracy demonstrators have taken streets since 1 October when China held its National Day celebrations. A number of violent actions by police, including the shooting of protesters, have caused outrage amid renewed calls for an investigation into police conduct. The events set a new […]

A first-of its-kind aviation risk & security partnership

Leading risk and security experts, Drum Cussac & Osprey Flight Solutions, reach new heights with a first-of its-kind aviation risk & security partnership Drum Cussac, market-leading travel risk and security technology provider, have joined forces with Osprey Flight Solutions, aviation intelligence and data-led risk management experts to deliver a market-first aviation risk & security solution. […]

How to choose your travel risk management provider and platform

Aeroplane flying above skyscrapers.

  Understand and evaluate your own needs from a travel risk management provider  Ensure you get the answers that will help you decide which provider will best suit your organisation Feel more equipped before going into the buying process   Self assessment: How well do you understand your own needs and capabilities? It’s important for […]

Travel Risk Management For Universities

Introduction The appeal of studying abroad is becoming more and more irresistible by the year for students and university staff alike. Between 2006 and 2017, the number of students travelling abroad increased from 241,791 to 332,727. Unfortunately, this makes managing the safety of what can often be hundreds of travellers at one time extremely difficult. […]

Future of Risk: The Importance of Employee Wellbeing

The Importance of Managing Wellbeing Why is wellbeing important? As the conversations surrounding an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing become increasingly prevalent, it is becoming more important for organisations to ensure that they are fulfilling their duty of care towards employees by helping maintain healthy wellbeing. Dr Lucy Rattrie, Chartered Psychologist, explains in our recent […]