Widespread flooding caused by heavy rain in Japan

Japanese people shielding themselves from heavy rainfall with umbrellas in a city centre

Description The southern Japanese Prefectures of Kagoshima and Miyazaki have seen abnormally high levels of rainfall over the last five days which have caused widespread flooding and increased the risk of landslides. Over one million people are currently being evacuated from the area, including the populations of three low-lying cities: Kagoshima, Kirishima and Aira. The […]

Analysis: Airstrike Hits Oil Warehouse Facility in Tripoli Underlining Increasing Strain on the Sector during Ongoing Conflict

Description Alleged LNA airstrike on Mellitah Oil and Gas facility in Tajoura, eastern Tripoli injures three workers and destroys a warehouse. The airstrike is the fourth time National Oil Corporation facilities have been targeted in and around Tripoli since the current conflict began on 4 April. The oil sector is becoming increasingly politicised and militarised, […]

Most dangerous countries in the world 2019 (World Risk Map)

Our experts have ranked each country in the world from least to most risky. Find out which destinations offer more threats to you and your travellers now. Whether you’re a business traveller or someone heading abroad on holiday, one of the major concerns you’ll have is “will I be safe?”. To help you answer that question, our experts have rated the levels of risk present in each and every country across the globe. Take a look below to discover which are the most dangerous countries to travel to in 2019.

Analysis: Gridlock Endures amid Record-Breaking US Government Shutdown

The following piece of analysis is taken directly from our RiskMonitor platform. Introduction and Overview Longest Shutdown in History The longest partial government shutdown in modern US history showed no signs of ending as of Wednesday, 16 January, as it entered its 26th consecutive day. The shutdown exceeded over the weekend the length of the […]

Analysis: Potential for Conflict Escalation Following Covert Operation in The Gaza Strip

Countries Palestinian Territories, Israel Categories Security  Unrest  Conflict The Clash Seven Hamas elements and one Israeli officer have been confirmed dead, following a clash emanating from an Israel Defence Force (IDF) covert operation inside the Gaza Strip, during the night of Sunday, 11 November. The operation was conducted in the Bani Suheila area of Khan […]

Expert Analysis: Political Instability & Business Continuity in the Oil Sector

oil field iraq

Drum Cussac’s Arthur Michelino takes a closer look at the challenges to organisational continuity in the oil industry in the face of political and social unrest, with a particular focus on the Iraqi protests of summer 2018.

Travel risk round-up: 29 August

Travel risk round-up 29 August

This week’s weekly risk round-up, keeping you up-to-date with global events.

Why you need to give your female business travellers more preparation

Business travel accounts for $1.3 trillion of global spending annually meaning more organisations are sending employees abroad. Organisations have a duty to ensure precautions are put in place to keep their business travellers safe, and in particular more vulnerable travellers, such as female travellers. With 70% of corporate travel buyers agreeing that female business travellers today face higher travel safety risks, it is clear that extra support needs to be provided to female employees to prepare them for their trip.

10 of the most dangerous countries in the world

Risk mitigation is more important than ever with 64% of travel security professionals believing risks faced by business travellers have increased over the last 12 months. For expanding organisations, business travel is a necessity and sometimes involves travelling to higher risk locations. But what are some of the most risky places to travel to in 2018? Below are just some of the countries with an ‘extreme’ or ‘high’ Drum Cussac risk rating. Be prepared with our expert advice and analysis for travel to the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world.

Analysis: Venezuelan presidential election results and its political fallout

maduro victory venezuela presidentia election 2018 drum cussac

On Sunday 20th of May, the expected result of Venezuela’s presidential election was announced, with current President Nicolas Maduro re-elected. Our Intelligence experts examine how the incumbent’s re-election will impact the country and its neighbours.