Travel Risk Analysis: Protests Continue as Rocket Hits International Zone in Iraq

Anti-government protests have continued in Baghdad as protesters rallied near the International Zone (IZ). A rocket landed in the IZ on 30 October, near the US Embassy killing an Iraqi soldier PM Abdul Mahdi is under increasing pressure to resign as leaders of top parliamentary blocs work together to force his removal Even if Abdul […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Typhoon Hagibis – Impact Assessment and Short-Term Outlook


On the weekend of 12 October, Typhoon Hagibis made landfall on the main Japanese island of Honshu, causing widespread flooding, displacement and loss of life. The storm system, which is the strongest to hit the Kantō region since 1958, has continued to cause air, rail and road transport disruption, as well as the loss of […]

Travel Risk Analysis: National Day Protests in Hong Kong 2019 – Summary, Impact and Future Risk Mitigation


Hong Kong has witnessed widespread unrest as increasingly large numbers of pro-democracy demonstrators have taken streets since 1 October when China held its National Day celebrations. A number of violent actions by police, including the shooting of protesters, have caused outrage amid renewed calls for an investigation into police conduct. The events set a new […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Tensions High Following Saudi Attacks September 2019

Tensions High Following Saudi Attacks September 2019

General regional consensus that 14 September attack was linked to Iran, though Saudi has not directly blamed Tehran. Both US and Saudi Arabia seemingly want to avoid a direct military conflict that would be costly and expose vulnerability to Saudi’s energy critical infrastructure. Trump likely to limit response to increasing sanctions after calling for a […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Hurricane Dorian Leaves Mass Destruction in The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian 2019 leaving a trail of destruction in the Bahamas

Description Rescue and recovery efforts are ongoing in the Abacos and Grand Bahama following the devastating passage of Hurricane Dorian over the northwestern portion of the Bahamas archipelagic chain. Packing unprecedented sustained winds of 300kmh (185mph), Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Elbow Cay in the Abacos chain during the late morning hours of 1 September […]

Travel Risk Analysis: The Hong Kong Demonstrations Summer 2019


Hong Kong demonstrations are now entering its tenth week of unrest as protesters rally against the central Chinese government’s efforts to assert more control over the semi-autonomous city The Hong Kong administration is holding firm in its dismissal of the protesters as ‘radicals’ who are not representative of the general population and continues to back […]

Increased gang violence in Cape Town leads to military deployment

Cape Town at night, where gang violence has increased recently

Description South African National Defence Force personnel have deployed to the Cape Town suburbs over the last week amid a crackdown on violent crime in the area. The deployment follows months of pressure from local authorities and residents for the military to help restore order in the impoverished Cape Flats area where hundreds have been […]

Widespread flooding caused by heavy rain in Japan

Japanese people shielding themselves from heavy rainfall with umbrellas in a city centre

Description The southern Japanese Prefectures of Kagoshima and Miyazaki have seen abnormally high levels of rainfall over the last five days which have caused widespread flooding and increased the risk of landslides. Over one million people are currently being evacuated from the area, including the populations of three low-lying cities: Kagoshima, Kirishima and Aira. The […]

Analysis: Airstrike Hits Oil Warehouse Facility in Tripoli Underlining Increasing Strain on the Sector during Ongoing Conflict

Description Alleged LNA airstrike on Mellitah Oil and Gas facility in Tajoura, eastern Tripoli injures three workers and destroys a warehouse. The airstrike is the fourth time National Oil Corporation facilities have been targeted in and around Tripoli since the current conflict began on 4 April. The oil sector is becoming increasingly politicised and militarised, […]

Most dangerous countries in the world 2019 (World Risk Map)

Our experts have ranked each country in the world from least to most risky. Find out which destinations offer more threats to you and your travellers now. Whether you’re a business traveller or someone heading abroad on holiday, one of the major concerns you’ll have is “will I be safe?”. To help you answer that question, our experts have rated the levels of risk present in each and every country across the globe. Take a look below to discover which are the most dangerous countries to travel to in 2019.