Analysis: Gridlock Endures amid Record-Breaking US Government Shutdown

The following piece of analysis is taken directly from our RiskMonitor platform. Introduction and Overview Longest Shutdown in History The longest partial government shutdown in modern US history showed no signs of ending as of Wednesday, 16 January, as it entered its 26th consecutive day. The shutdown exceeded over the weekend the length of the […]

10 Crucial International Business Travel Tips (That Will Keep You Safe!)

international business travel tips

International business travel is a vital part of expanding your company’s presence around the world. To help travellers understand the potential risks they face and how to stay safe, we’ve asked our experts to share their top 10 essential international business travel tips.

Drum Cussac releases 2019 Global Risk Map

global risk map drum cussac

Drum Cussac has this week released its 2019 Global Risk Map, an in-depth analytical white paper that takes a closer look at the global threats that may affect business travellers and operations in the coming 12 months. DOWNLOAD THE 2019 RISK MAP FOR FREE Combining expert insights from Drum Cussac’s in-house Intelligence and Analysis Services […]

Analysis: Ukraine imposes martial law after naval tensions with Russia

kerch strait ukraine russia

Key takeaways On 25 November Russian border patrol craft fired on and seized three Ukrainian naval vessels in the Kerch Strait Ukraine has condemned the move as an act of military aggression, and called on the international community to provide defensive support On 26 November, the Ukrainian President announced his intention to impose martial law […]

Travel risk round-up: 21 November

Low France: Further Yellow Vest Protests Cause Disruption Nationwide; Mass Demonstration Planned 24 November According to local media sources, further “yellow vest” protests are expected to continue in multiple locations across the country on Tuesday, 20 November. The demonstrations being held are in response to a hike in fuel prices linked to government environmental policies. Around […]

Analysis: Potential for Conflict Escalation Following Covert Operation in The Gaza Strip

Countries Palestinian Territories, Israel Categories Security  Unrest  Conflict The Clash Seven Hamas elements and one Israeli officer have been confirmed dead, following a clash emanating from an Israel Defence Force (IDF) covert operation inside the Gaza Strip, during the night of Sunday, 11 November. The operation was conducted in the Bani Suheila area of Khan […]

Travel risk round-up: 7 November

Moderate Spain: Fatalities Reported after Ship Attempts to Cross Into Spain from North Africa According to local news sources on Tuesday, 6 November, at least 17 migrants have been found dead with more than a 100 others having to be rescued after migrant ships attempted to cross into Spain. The fatalities were discovered after rescue workers […]

Travel risk round-up: 31 October

Moderate South Africa: Fatalities in Ongoing Wildfire near George, Western Cape Officials on Tuesday, 30 October have reported that at least seven people have been killed in an ongoing blaze along the popular tourist stretch known as the Garden Route in Western Cape. A pregnant woman, two toddlers and a baby are reported to be among […]

Most dangerous countries in the world 2019 (World Risk Map)

Our experts have ranked each country in the world from least to most risky. Find out which destinations offer more threats to you and your travellers now. Whether you’re a business traveller or someone heading abroad on holiday, one of the major concerns you’ll have is “will I be safe?”. To help you answer that question, our experts have rated the levels of risk present in each and every country across the globe. Take a look below to discover which are the most dangerous countries to travel to in 2019.

Expert Analysis: Political Instability & Business Continuity in the Oil Sector

oil field iraq

Drum Cussac’s Arthur Michelino takes a closer look at the challenges to organisational continuity in the oil industry in the face of political and social unrest, with a particular focus on the Iraqi protests of summer 2018.