Travel risk round-up: 19 July

A philippine flag crest on the arm of a soldier - travel risk round-up

ModeratePhilippines: Soldiers Killed in NPA Ambush in Cotabato Province According to local media sources, at least two Philippine Army soldiers were killed in a New People’s Army (NPA) ambush on Wednesday, 17 July, in Arakan, Cotabato province. The NPA militants ambushed the soldiers as they were travelling on a motorcycle in barangay Kinawayan. Additional military […]

Widespread flooding caused by heavy rain in Japan

Japanese people shielding themselves from heavy rainfall with umbrellas in a city centre

Description The southern Japanese Prefectures of Kagoshima and Miyazaki have seen abnormally high levels of rainfall over the last five days which have caused widespread flooding and increased the risk of landslides. Over one million people are currently being evacuated from the area, including the populations of three low-lying cities: Kagoshima, Kirishima and Aira. The […]

Travel risk round-up: 12 July

storm in Halkidiki causing a tree to fall and destroy a campers tent and equipment

ModerateGreece: Multiple Fatalities Feared following Intense Storms in Halkidiki Region According to international media sources, at least four people are feared dead as of Wednesday, 10 July, following intense rain, wind and hail storms in Halkidiki region, northern Greece. Dozens more are feared injured as a result of intense weather conditions. Authorities stated that one […]

How to survive a hurricane

A Florida beach destroyed by a hurricane with cars, boats and buildings falling into flood water

How to effectively prepare for and overcome a hurricane It’s that time of year again. The Atlantic hurricane season is the period when tropical storms are the most active and likely to form hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Historically, the regions most severely impacted include the east coast of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico […]

Travel risk round-up: 28 June

ModeratePapa New Guinea: Locals Evacuate as Ulawun Volcano Erupts, West New Britain Province According to local media sources, the Ulawun volcano in West New Britain province erupted on Wednesday morning, 26 June, causing thousands of residents living in the vicinity to flee and prompting an eruption warning. Reports indicate the volcanic activity began at around […]

Analysis: Airstrike Hits Oil Warehouse Facility in Tripoli Underlining Increasing Strain on the Sector during Ongoing Conflict

Description Alleged LNA airstrike on Mellitah Oil and Gas facility in Tajoura, eastern Tripoli injures three workers and destroys a warehouse. The airstrike is the fourth time National Oil Corporation facilities have been targeted in and around Tripoli since the current conflict began on 4 April. The oil sector is becoming increasingly politicised and militarised, […]

Travel risk round-up: 21 June

LowGreece: Assailants Throw Molotov Cocktails at Police near Party Offices in Athens’ Exarchia Area According to local media reports on Thursday, 20 June, unidentified assailants have thrown Molotov cocktails at police officers outside the offices of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) party in Athens’ Exarchia area. No injuries resulted from the attack and police have […]

Travel risk round-up: 14 June

ModerateIndia: Multiple Fatalities Reported Across Uttar Pradesh Due to Dust Storms Reports on Thursday, 13 June indicate that separate incidents of dust storms across Uttar Pradesh in the previous 24 hour period has led to at least 17 deaths in the region. It is indicated that four people died in Siddharthanagar, three in Deoria, three […]

Analysis: Kathmandu Bombings and General Strike Highlight Growing Insurgency Threat Posed by Maoist Splinter Group

Description A series of explosions in the capital Kathmandu along with unrest linked to a general strike late last month have again raised the specter of terrorism and insurgency in Nepal. The events have been linked to the Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist-Chand (CPN-Chand) offshoot and followed a sporadic but disturbing pattern of similar […]

Travel risk round-up: 7 June

ModerateEgypt: Multiple Policemen Killed after Militants Attack Checkpoint in North Sinai National and local news outlets have reported that at least 10 policemen have been killed following an ambush at a checkpoint in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, on Wednesday, 5 June. The attack, which is reported to have been carried out by […]