A first-of its-kind aviation risk & security partnership

Leading risk and security experts, Drum Cussac & Osprey Flight Solutions, reach new heights with a first-of its-kind aviation risk & security partnership Drum Cussac, market-leading travel risk and security technology provider, have joined forces with Osprey Flight Solutions, aviation intelligence and data-led risk management experts to deliver a market-first aviation risk & security solution. […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Hurricane Dorian Leaves Mass Destruction in The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian 2019 leaving a trail of destruction in the Bahamas

Description Rescue and recovery efforts are ongoing in the Abacos and Grand Bahama following the devastating passage of Hurricane Dorian over the northwestern portion of the Bahamas archipelagic chain. Packing unprecedented sustained winds of 300kmh (185mph), Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Elbow Cay in the Abacos chain during the late morning hours of 1 September […]

How to choose your travel risk management provider and platform

Aeroplane flying above skyscrapers.

  Understand and evaluate your own needs from a travel risk management provider  Ensure you get the answers that will help you decide which provider will best suit your organisation Feel more equipped before going into the buying process   Self assessment: How well do you understand your own needs and capabilities? It’s important for […]

Travel Risk Analysis: The Hong Kong Demonstrations Summer 2019


Hong Kong demonstrations are now entering its tenth week of unrest as protesters rally against the central Chinese government’s efforts to assert more control over the semi-autonomous city The Hong Kong administration is holding firm in its dismissal of the protesters as ‘radicals’ who are not representative of the general population and continues to back […]

Increased gang violence in Cape Town leads to military deployment

Cape Town at night, where gang violence has increased recently

Description South African National Defence Force personnel have deployed to the Cape Town suburbs over the last week amid a crackdown on violent crime in the area. The deployment follows months of pressure from local authorities and residents for the military to help restore order in the impoverished Cape Flats area where hundreds have been […]

Travel risk round-up: 26 July

ModerateVenezuela: Reports of Mass Power Outages Nationwide According to incoming social media feeds on Monday, 22 July, severe power outages have been occurring for several hours across the country. The states of Táchira, Bolivar Aragua, Vargas as well as Caracas and the surrounding areas have all been severely affected. Last reports state that power has […]

Travel risk round-up: 19 July

A philippine flag crest on the arm of a soldier - travel risk round-up

ModeratePhilippines: Soldiers Killed in NPA Ambush in Cotabato Province According to local media sources, at least two Philippine Army soldiers were killed in a New People’s Army (NPA) ambush on Wednesday, 17 July, in Arakan, Cotabato province. The NPA militants ambushed the soldiers as they were travelling on a motorcycle in barangay Kinawayan. Additional military […]

Widespread flooding caused by heavy rain in Japan

Japanese people shielding themselves from heavy rainfall with umbrellas in a city centre

Description The southern Japanese Prefectures of Kagoshima and Miyazaki have seen abnormally high levels of rainfall over the last five days which have caused widespread flooding and increased the risk of landslides. Over one million people are currently being evacuated from the area, including the populations of three low-lying cities: Kagoshima, Kirishima and Aira. The […]

Travel risk round-up: 12 July

storm in Halkidiki causing a tree to fall and destroy a campers tent and equipment

ModerateGreece: Multiple Fatalities Feared following Intense Storms in Halkidiki Region According to international media sources, at least four people are feared dead as of Wednesday, 10 July, following intense rain, wind and hail storms in Halkidiki region, northern Greece. Dozens more are feared injured as a result of intense weather conditions. Authorities stated that one […]

How to survive a hurricane

A Florida beach destroyed by a hurricane with cars, boats and buildings falling into flood water

How to effectively prepare for and overcome a hurricane It’s that time of year again. The Atlantic hurricane season is the period when tropical storms are the most active and likely to form hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Historically, the regions most severely impacted include the east coast of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico […]