Mozambique: Major Islamist Militant Attack Threatens Gas Investment

Mozambique attack by Islamist Insurgents to Threaten Gas Investment

Summary of the attack Islamist militants seized control of the Cabo Delgado town of Mocimboa da Praia on Monday, 23 March, in the most brazen attack of the two-and-a-half-year insurgency in the province The assault exposed major security failings as police and military were routed from the town and struggled to organise a counterattack The […]

Italy on Lockdown: Current Situation, Restrictions and Future Risk Impact


Italy is on lockdown On Monday, 9 March, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, announced that a nationwide lockdown would be implemented with immediate effect in a bid to reduce the transmission rate of Covid-19, a strain of coronavirus which has gripped the country in recent weeks. The emergency measure is the latest in […]

How the Hanau Shooting Highlights Sustained Right-Wing Extremist Threat in Germany

How the Hanau Shooting Highlights Sustained Right-Wing Extremist Threat in Germany

What happened in Hanau? At 2200 local time (2100 UTC) on Wednesday, 19 February, a suspected terrorist opened fire on members of the public in the town of Hanau in Hesse, Germany. The perpetrator, who has since been classed as a far-right extremist, targeted customers sitting outside two shisha bars; the Midnight Bar in Hanau’s […]

Update: Coronavirus Statistics, WHO Classification and International Response

Latest statistics Total number of confirmed cases: 9,928 Total number of deaths: 213 Total number of recovered patients:181 Cases outside of mainland China: 148 58.4% of all confirmed global cases and 95.7% of global deaths are in Hubei province Read our latest full report on coronavirus here Coronavirus is an emerging ‘global health emergency’ On […]

The Impact of Coronavirus: Outlook and Travel Advice

The impact of the coronavirus on business travel

Updated on Thursday 30th January, 2020 A summary of the impact of coronavirus Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), also referred to as Wuhan coronavirus, is a positive sense, single-stranded RNA virus which is contracted via human-to-human or human-to-animal contact. It is part of a wider family of viruses which includes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Anti-Government Unrest Resumes in Lebanon 2020

Unrest in Lebanon 2020

Unrest in Lebanon has resumed following a brief lull, with protesters declaring the week beginning 14 January “Anger Week”. Clashes broke out on 14 January as Lebanese security forces fired tear gas at rock-throwing protesters outside the Central Bank in Beirut. Formation of government appears unlikely to occur by protester’s declared 48-hour deadline due to […]

Travel Risk Analysis: London Bridge Knife Attack and UK Terrorism Risk Review

On Friday, 29 November a man wielding a knife carried out an attack on pedestrians and the attendees of an offender rehabilitation conference in the City of London, resulting in two deaths and injuries to three members of the public. The individual had a history of offences relating to Islamic extremist terrorism and was being […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Labour Protest Activity Shifts in China 2019

Statistics from 2019 show that labour protests in China are undergoing a general transformation from large-scale strikes by manufacturing sector workers to smaller-scale, spontaneous actions by service and transport sector employees. Labour strikes now also disproportionately effect domestic enterprises rather than foreign companies. This development has been precipitated by the decline of the country’s manufacturing […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Protests Continue as Rocket Hits International Zone in Iraq

Anti-government protests have continued in Baghdad as protesters rallied near the International Zone (IZ). A rocket landed in the IZ on 30 October, near the US Embassy killing an Iraqi soldier PM Abdul Mahdi is under increasing pressure to resign as leaders of top parliamentary blocs work together to force his removal Even if Abdul […]

Travel Risk Analysis: Typhoon Hagibis – Impact Assessment and Short-Term Outlook


On the weekend of 12 October, Typhoon Hagibis made landfall on the main Japanese island of Honshu, causing widespread flooding, displacement and loss of life. The storm system, which is the strongest to hit the Kantō region since 1958, has continued to cause air, rail and road transport disruption, as well as the loss of […]