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Total risk management

Our state-of-the-art technology is supported by in-house expertise to provide you with a total travel risk management solution for complete organisational resilience.

Your complete security command centre

GlobalRiskManager™ centralises everything in one place and on one screen. From improving global situational awareness and crisis management, to people and asset tracking, along with real-time, two-way mass communications, our state-of- the-art technology can revolutionise your organisation’s safety and security management.

Protect everyone and everything

GlobalRiskManager™ covers all of your people and assets wherever they are in the world. Whether they’re on home-soil, based overseas, working remotely or travelling on business, GlobalRiskManager™ gives you an at-a-glance overview of whether your organisation is at risk.

Improve your global incident response actions

Quickly identify who is at risk and prioritise your response with our cutting-edge ‘RollCall’ functionality. Deploy a real-time ‘RollCall’ and send mass communications to any group or individual caught in an emerging incident, receive a ‘fixed’ response about their well-being and adjust your actions accordingly.

Futureproof your resilience

Our state-of-the-art technology platform has been designed to become your complete ERP for security, allowing you to manage everything security-related in a single platform. This does away with the need for the many disconnected – and expensive – systems that most organisations tend to use.

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Rapid & reliable

Understand where the threats to your organisation are, their severity and whether your people or assets are affected.

Stay ahead of threats

Our global operations team send hundreds of real-time risk alerts through GlobalRiskManager™ every day, keeping you ahead of potential threats.

Keep your people safe in a crisis

Thanks to its innovative ‘RollCall’ feature, GlobalRiskManager™ makes it easy to establish two-way communications with employees during a crisis, identify who needs help most and prioritise their safety.

Granular risk ratings

In-house analysts grade risk on a scale of 1 to 5 using 0.25 increments. This provides a comprehensive overview so that you can act quickly and appropriately.

Global intelligence

GlobalRiskManager™ houses global intelligence for thousands of locations and publishes daily, in-depth analysis of global geopolitical events that could affect your organisation.

Global overview

Have a clear overview of the exact whereabouts of your employees, travellers and people, and be able to communicate with them immediately.
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Easy employee tracking

The PeopleMonitor module enables you to monitor the well-being of every person in your organisation on a single screen, wherever they are.

Simplify your duty of care

Monitor your people on our dynamic, real-time risk map. Quickly identify who is where and whether they’re safe and secure.

Watch your assets

Whether you’ve offices, factories, storage facilities or something else entirely, the AssetMonitor module gives you a real-time view of your asset’s security.

Keep your organisation safe

Create custom geo-plotted areas around your assets and people, then receive real-time alerts and notifications if an incident or threat arises nearby, giving you more time to react and make the right decision.


Every organisation is different. This modular based platform allows us to customise your solution appropriate to your needs.

One solution. Multiple modules.

GlobalRiskManager™ has multiple modules, so you can choose the ones you need or combine them together for the ultimate security command centre.

Bespoke features

If you need something a little different, just ask. Our expert team can work with you to find a solution that works for us both.

Inclusive analyst time

Make the most of your GlobalRiskManager™ subscription with inclusive access to our Intelligence and Analysis Services team.

Safety on-the-go

Employees can download the easy-to- use GlobalRiskManager™ app on their smartphone for simplified safety on-the-go.

Forward thinking

By fusing cutting-edge technology with a forward-thinking approach, we want GlobalRiskManager™ to become the go-to security ERP solution for organisations around the world.

Digest every data feed

Whether it’s CCTV footage, travel booking, access systems, facilities management or something else entirely, we want GlobalRiskManager™ to integrate with more and more of your in-house systems until it’s your one-stop solution for global security management.

Proactive incident management

Thanks to its innovative ‘RollCall’ feature and incident management functionality, GlobalRiskManager™ is perfectly placed to help you communicate immediately and seamlessly with your business in order to manage events and understand potential business impacts.

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