A comprehensive and easy-to-use risk management system that enables 24/7 security monitoring and incident response for all your assets.

Manage every global asset from one screen

Save time with custom asset profiles
Improve crisis response with real-time, two-way communications
Communicate and update global stakeholders within the platform

AssetMonitor lets you plot and monitor all of your assets on our global risk map, identify threats and respond to incidents – all from a single screen. You can also store documents against each of your assets, e.g. disaster recovery plans, risk assessments etc.

We use thousands of sources to continually monitor the globe for incidents. This enables our dedicated team of analysts and risk experts to provide real-time alerts and intelligence that can help you to stay ahead of potential threats to your facilities and maintain operational continuity.

Manage every asset from one screen

Monitor all of your global assets, including offices, plants, warehouses, compounds, supply chains and any other static or mobile assets from a single screen. You can also communicate directly with key asset stakeholders if the situation requires it.

AssetMonitor gives you the capability to monitor and manage a crisis from a single, centralised platform for maximum convenience.

Save time with custom asset profiles

Create comprehensive profiles for each one of your assets and preemptively respond to any incident that might occur. 

With the key details and information for every asset in one central location, you’ll save valuable time when responding to any incidents that occur.

Improve your crisis response with two-way mass-communications

AssetMonitor’s in-built, two-way communications let you contact assets directly in order to respond to an incident. Stakeholders can also keep each other updated on the incident and actions taken directly within AssetMonitor.

This can improve your response rate to incidents and improve transparency between global facilities. All completed cases will be auto-archived to provide a historic library and audit trail of events.

Outsourcing option

We realise that it is not always possible to monitor your assets, which is why we have developed our OverWatch service

Acting as your outsourced security team, OverWatch will provide you with the peace of mind that your physical assets are being monitored 24/7/365.


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