Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Our HEAT courses are specifically designed to prepare your personnel for travelling to hostile, complex or challenging environments.

Professional training delivered by experts

Improve employee understanding of global risks


Promote travel risk awareness and planning
Boost traveller confidence about safety and security

HEAT courses aim to raise awareness of the risks posed to individuals, how to mitigate these risks and how to react if an incident occurs. 

Each course provides a blend of classroom learning, applied scenarios (which include testing the attendees), hands-on training and other practical skills.

Partners in care

We offer a range of topics and work closely with you to ensure that we deliver the content most appropriate to you and your personnel. 

We’re also happy to create bespoke courses including additional elements if you require them.

Practical content for a real impact

Our standard courses include the following topics:

  • Risks to workers/travellers when overseas
  • Travel safety and security
  • Threats from terrorism – active shooters, bombings etc.
  • Self-defence and prevention of personal attacks
  • Security planning and incident response
  • Effective management of vehicles and drivers as well as driving overseas (including preventing and/or reacting to road traffic accidents)
  • Natural catastrophes and disasters
  • First aid – focused on practical skills in remote areas

Different courses for different needs

Courses can vary in length, depending on the specific requirements:

  • 1 day course: High level seminar with a focus on the key elements of each topic
  • 2 day course: Detailed coverage of each topic and practical exercises (exc. first aid)
  • 2.5 day course: Detailed coverage of each topic and practical exercises (inc. first aid)


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