Implementation SUPPORT

Dedicated, experienced support to ensure a seamless implementation of GlobalRiskManager™ at your organisation.

Expert support throughout the implementation process

Save time and resources

Ensure you see maximum value from your solution

We appreciate that you’re busy and understand that implementing a risk solution can often seem daunting and time consuming.

This is why we have a dedicated and experienced implementation team that can carry this burden for you.

Expert support, assured delivery

Drum Cussac will provide you with a dedicated implementations manager and fully supported team to ensure a seamless implementation process when embedding GlobalRiskManager™ within your organisation.

 Whether our risk solution is your first or you’re changing provider – our commitment to deliver is assured.

Process driven by practice

Our implementation process is based on experience, expertise and best practice. It continually evolves with new learnings in order to provide the very best in customer service. Our 12-week programme is based on three phases:

Phase 1 – Consultation, discovery and review
Phase 2 – Solution build and integration
Phase 3 – System configuration and roll out

Ongoing support for maximum results

It’s essential that your people understand how to get the most out of the service you’re paying for, so we can also advise on internal roll-out communications, providing on-boarding information and templates based on prior experience.

We’ll help you identify the most appropriate release method and timescales, and once ‘live’ we will monitor and liaise with you to ensure that the solution is working as expected. This helps you get the most out of your experience and ensures the benefits are delivered and remain sustainable.


Contact our team today to find out more about how we can support the implementation of GlobalRiskManager™ at your organisation.

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