Fully-managed security risk management with 24/7 support for organisations in need of the ultimate peace of mind.

360 degree, end-to-end security risk management

24/7/365 global support
Less intensive on internal resource
Cost-effective subscription model

Adding in the OverWatch module gives you the full, end-to-end managed service. We’ll monitor global events on your behalf 24/7 and proactively check on your people and assets in the event of an incident, providing peace of mind even when you’re not available.

You set the level at which we make contact, to ensure that our response is aligned with your internal operating procedures (this can include how we tie in with insurers). This means we act as a true extension of your security function, making OverWatch an easier and more cost-effective alternative to running everything in-house.

24/7 coverage

An OverWatch subscription means your people can contact our Global Operations Centre anytime, from anywhere. 

We keep the Operations Centre manned 24/7 to ensure the support you need is available when you need it. 

Regardless of whether it’s a missed flight or something much more serious, our expert team can provide the advice and support required to keep your people safe.

Less resource intensive

With OverWatch, our expert team monitors incidents and global events in relation to your operational footprint, and provides emergency support or advice when required – and we do all of this on your behalf. 

This frees up you and your team to focus on more important matters at hand.

More cost-effective

You’re responsible for the safety of each and every person in your organisation, often with limited resources. 

OverWatch gives your organisation the expert security team and support it deserves for a cost-effective subscription fee.


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