White Papers

Industry-leading thought leadership that aims to inform and educate best practice in risk mitigation and organisational resilience.

Protect your business and people from the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season

Minimise the impact of hurricanes on your people and your operational continuity.

Travel risk management for higher education institutions

Information and advice universities and higher education institutions on the challenges and solutions of travel risk management.

The future of risk

An expert look at the changing landscape of organisational risk.

Bleisure travel

Understand how to implement policies to protect both the business and your employees on a ‘bleisure’ trip. 

Vulnerable business travellers

Information and advice for female, disabled and LGBTQ+ travellers and how to stay safe abroad.

2019 Global risk map

A forecast and analysis of global risk for 2019.

Duty of care

Advice to help you fulfil your legal obligations and mitigate reputational, financial and operational impacts.

2018 Global RiskMonitor trends

A closer look at worldwide risk alert patterns for the first half of 2018. Identify the risks that affect your organisation.

One platform, multiple uses

Anticipate and mitigate risks

Plan and prepare for any eventuality

React effectively to global incidents

Maintain business continuity

Fulfil your Duty of care

Real-time comms in a crisis