Why You Need Us

Your organisation is unique.
Your challenges are universal.

1. Fulfilling your duty of care

Duty of care means doing the right thing and being seen to do the right thing. Our cutting-edge technology makes it easier to ensure employee safety than ever before.

2. Organisational resilience and continuity

The world is continually changing at a rapid pace and organisations that can’t evolve quickly enough stand to get left behind. Read on to see how we can keep your organisation resilient.

3. Travel risk management

In a world where the level of corporate travel is growing faster than ever, the risk landscape for travellers continues to change – having a robust travel risk management programme in place is essential.

4. Crisis management

When a crisis occurs, getting your response wrong can have severe organisational ramifications. Our experts can support you when you’re at your most vulnerable.

5. Efficiency and cost savings

Security and risk professionals are having to manage ever-more assets and ever-more threats, often with tightening security budgets. Find out how we can help you to do more for less.

6. Making strategic decisions

Organisations operating internationally face an increasingly complex and dynamic global risk landscape. Discover how our analysts can help you make more informed decisions.

7. Global situational awareness

Decision-making is only as good as the information underpinning it, and the accuracy and speed with which it can be delivered. Find out how our expert analysts can improve your global awareness.


The GlobalRiskManager™ Platform

A flexible, state-of-the-art, all-in-one security solution for organisations of any size.

The GlobalRiskManager™Modules

Forward-thinking solutions for ensuring the safety of your people and assets.