Efficiency and cost savings

Benefits of improving efficiency and cost savings

Improve resource allocation and management

Save money that can be better invested elsewhere

Save time and effort

Why are risk efficiency and cost savings crucial to your organisation?

Risk professionals are having to manage more people, more assets and ever-more threats, often with tightening security budgets, creating a need to do more with less.

Part of the answer lies in having sufficient situational awareness and intelligence to avoid overinflating risks, meaning security measures can be appropriate and proportionate. This makes technology a potentially powerful ally for organisations looking to stay informed and on budget.

Reducing the cost of risk is key when working with tightening budgets and can be complemented with the right mix of in-house resources and outsourced capability, as outsourcing can be more cost effective in the long run – giving you access to the expertise your organisation needs, without having to incur the cost of expanding your in-house teams.

Improving operational efficiency is another facet of reducing your overheads, that can also grow profitability and productivity. With the right combination of outsourced expertise, in-house security and cutting-edge technology, you’ll be able to simplify internal processes, automate more manual activity and reduce the number of disparate IT systems involved with security.

Risk mitigation and management is crucial to the long-term success of your organisation, so it makes sense to work as efficiently as possible and take advantage of the security resources available to you when working to a tight budget.

How Drum Cussac can help

As the ultimate command dashboard for managing organisational risk,
GlobalRiskManager™ is a comprehensive and integrated system that can support all initiatives you employ to improve efficiency and save money.

Not only does GlobalRiskManager™ digest data feeds from across the organisation and present them in one place for maximum efficiency, but this does away with the need for multiple, expensive systems that each manage a small part of your overall security and risk needs.

To streamline your operations further, our team can proactively manage your security programme on your behalf with our OverWatch service. Think of us as your on-demand, outsourced security team – available 24/7/365.

Talk to our consultants today to find out how our risk mitigation expertise can save you money and improve operational efficiency.