Global situational awareness

Benefits of improving your global situational awareness

Make more-informed decisions

Stay ahead of threats and mitigate risks

Ensure the safety of your people and operations

Why is global situational awareness crucial to your organisation?

Decision-making is only as good as the information and intelligence underpinning it, particularly when managing real-time emergency situations.

The accuracy of the intelligence and the speed with which it can be presented and digested by decision-makers can make all the difference between success and failure.

Whether you’ve business travellers caught in the area of an unfolding incident, assets and facilities in the way of a natural disaster, or even a situation closer to home, having reliable intelligence is key to understanding the threats you face and identifying how best to mitigate them.

Your understanding of the global risk environment not only plays a crucial role in keeping your people safe and fulfilling your duty of care, but informs the long-term strategic decisions your organisation needs to make in order to achieve success.

Just like an airline pilot relies upon his cockpit instruments to provide all necessary information, you need similar tools to serve up the relevant global risk intelligence in a simple, easy-to-use visual that can be quickly interpreted and acted upon.

How Drum Cussac can help improve your global situational awareness

Drum Cussac’s GlobalRiskManager™ has been designed to be your ultimate command dashboard, providing exceptional global situational awareness in a user-friendly package.

Stay up to date on the latest global threats and developing incidents with RiskMonitor’s real-time risk alerts and daily geopolitical analysis.

Make more informed decisions and keep travellers, remote employees and expats in-the-know with in-depth, granular security intelligence for more than 1,000 global locations, including countries, sub-national regions and cities.

Ensure your people understand the threats they face and how best to mitigate them with bespoke in-house training courses, or enrol employees on our TravelPrepare e-learning course and mitigate risks before they become an issue.

GlobalRiskManager™ brings all of this together into a single package and presents it on one screen for complete situational awareness.

Contact our experts now to find out how we can improve your global situational awareness and keep you ahead of threats to your organisation.