GlobalRiskManager™ delivers organisational resilience and critical event management globally. Instant complete situational awareness, effective two-way communications and response, bringing everything together on one screen, giving complete control and intelligence.

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See the big risk picture and make more informed decisions with GlobalRiskManager

Improve your visibility of global threats. Find out how pladis keep their people safe.

Is your business protected against the 2018 hurricane season?

Ten essential safety tips for international business travellers

One platform. Manage every threat.

GlobalRiskManager™ integrates into your existing systems and feeds, enabling you to quickly see the big picture and take decisive action to pre-emptively manage threatening situations.

Global reach. Personal touch.

Monitor the well-being of your people and assets, and notify them of threats wherever they are – the office, home, overseas or in a geo-plotted area of your choosing.

Two-way comms. Real-time response.

Improve decision-making in a crisis with ‘Roll Call’, our fixed-response, two-way mass communications tool that helps you prioritise those that need help most urgently during a crisis.

A global view. A single screen.

Track every employee, asset and threat on a single screen for ultimate global visibility.