Travel risk round-up: 4 July

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CDG’s Runway Closed from 9 July to 10 October Due to Maintenance Works; Disruption Expected, France

Airport authorities stated that one of the runways of the Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) of Paris will be closed due to maintenance and repairs from 9 July to 10 October. Disruption is expected to be minimal. Minor delays may occur, most likely in the short term following the closure or during high air traffic days.

Advice to business and travellers

Members travelling via CDG are advised to contact their flight provider well in advance of departure in order to ascertain the status of their flights and to monitor local media sources for related updates.


Former President Correa Supporters Plan Demonstration in Quito, 5 July, Ecuador

Supporters of the former President Fernando Correa will gather in Quito on Thursday, 5 July, following an international arrest order placed by the country’s National Court against the ex-mandatary. Protesters will start the demonstration in the Parque el Arbolito at 1500hrs (1000 UTC). Ecuador’s national court issued the arrest order after the ex-President failed to present himself at court as part of a judicial process on a kidnapping case in which he might be involved.

Advice to businesses and travellers

Members in the aforementioned area are advised to remain clear of any political demonstrations due to the risk of exposure to potential crowd disturbances, opportunistic crime, and police crowd dispersal methods. Travellers should monitor local media sources for any information regarding the protest and resultant travel disruptions and should heed any directives issued by authorities.


Multiple Arrests Reported in Security Operations Against FETO and Turkish Armed Forces in Canakkale, Marama Region, Turkey

According to local media sources on Wednesday, 4 July, at least 20 people, allegedly affiliated with the Gulen movement (FETO), have been arrested during a security operation in Canakkale, Marama Region. In the same city on Tuesday, 3 July, at least 52 officers and NCOs of the Turkish Armed Forces, allegedly part of a clandestine network within the military organisation, have been arrested upon suspicions of conspiracy. Further security operations against FETO and military clandestine networks are likely to occur countrywide in the immediate to medium term.

Advice to businesses and travellers

Travellers should monitor local media sources to remain apprised of any security operations in their particular area and heed any directives issued by police and local authorities. Should further raids occur, anticipate overland travel disruptions resulting from security measures.


Saudi-led Forces Advances on Rebel Positions near Hodeidah, Yemen

According to media reports on Tuesday, 3 July, forces from the Saudi-led coalition have struck rebel positions outside of Hodeidah, after pausing their initial offensive on the strategic Red Sea port city. Local sources indicate that at least 11 civilians and 43 rebel fighters were killed on Sunday and Monday following strikes that targeted rebel positions in Tohayta, Beit al-Faqiya and Zabid, to the south of Hodeidah. The Saudi-led offensive commenced on 13 June, but had been halted to allow for humanitarian relief and UN-mediated negotiations.

Advice to businesses and travellers

Due to the ongoing conflict and extreme risk environment, members should reconsider all non-essential travel to Yemen at this time. Operationally-critical travel should only take place with maximum security provision and movements outside secure compounds should only be conducted after a thorough localised risk assessment.


Anti-Government March Planned Along Highway 4 in Managua on 4 July, Nicaragua

According to national media sources, protesters plan to march along Highway 4 in Managua on Wednesday, 4 July, to protest the recent killings of anti-government demonstrators by pro-government militias, and to demand the government to resign. The demonstrators are expected to march from Rotonda Ruben Dario to Rotonda Jean Paul Genie from 1100hrs to 1300hrs local time (1700 UTC to 1900 UTC). Regular protests have been a part of the security climate in Nicaragua, since a small student protest on 18 April, sparked an ongoing two month period of unrest in the country. This period has seen protests repeatedly turning into deadly clashes between anti and pro-government forces, as well as witnessed the outbreak of large-scale looting and rioting throughout the country.

Advice to businesses and travellers

Travellers in major cities throughout Nicaragua are advised to remain vigilant amid the ongoing unrest and heightened tensions. Members should be mindful of the increased security presence and remain aware of their surroundings given the likelihood of further spontaneous protests. Personnel operating in Managua Department should stay abreast of crime-related developments, and follow strict security measures to mitigate robberies or criminal intrusions into offices and residences. It is also recommended to use reliable but modest vehicles for overland travel to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Minimise night-time movement and to maintain a low profile.