Keep track of fast-moving incidents and long-term risk trends with our global security and risk intelligence solution.

Improve situational awareness with real-time risk alerts

Make better decisions with granular risk insights

Easy to set-up, use and personalise
Global intelligence for more than 1400 locations

Actionable advice delivered directly to travellers

RiskMonitor is part of GlobalRiskManager™ – our state-of-the-art security command centre for complete organisational resilience.

Created by experts, for non-experts, RiskMonitor supports risk management and critical decision-making through strategic country assessments, 24/7/365 real-time risk alerts and actionable advice delivered via a single web-based platform.

RiskMonitor Pro

  • Interactive map of risk levels and alerts
  • In-depth risk profiles for over 200 countries territories, 300 cities and 900 sub-national areas
  • Threats and hazards sorted by 25 risk categories
  • A 1-5 risk rating system split by 0.25 increments to assess local nuances and trends
  • Security alerts delivered 24/7/365 via email, SMS and/or Push Notification
  • Daily analysis of key risk events, trends and forecasts around the world
  • Security intelligence for travellers before and during a trip

RiskMonitor Traveller

  • Practical and concise information aimed at the needs of international travellers
  • Simple configurable risk map
  • Short and concise threat summaries at national and city level
  • 24/7 real-time intelligence

Concise, on-the-go travel security content

RiskMonitor provides concise, easily-digestible travel risk information that has been written for the non-expert. Users can also access up-to-date, pre-travel advice for their destination and stay ahead of developing threats with on-the-go alerts and global analysis.

Real-time alerts for global safety

Our near real-time travel risk alerts are written by front-line ops professionals and convey important security and travel-related information to your people. Our alerts are timely, accurate and actionable, and cover a broad range of concerns that may impact employee safety.

Granular insights for better decision-making

We grade the severity of risks in 0.25 increments and sort them by 25 different categories, allowing for more granular assessments that are reflective of the real world.

We also understand that certain regions of the world are more dangerous than others on both a national and local level, which is why we have risk profiles for more than 200 countries, 300 cities and 900 sub-national regions.

Easy to set up, use and personalise

RiskMonitor is easy to set up and start using. We can create an account for you and get you logged-in on the same day you subscribe – giving you instant access to our global travel risk content. 

It’s also easy to create bespoke profiles for each user, ensuring that they only receive relevant information and alerts, saving them time.

Budget friendly

When budgets are tight, RiskMonitor provides a lot of intelligence at a cost-effective price. We can also offer savings on bulk licence purchases, providing scalable savings that could potentially save your organisation thousands.

Futureproof tech

We’ve made significant investments into the RiskMonitor platform to ensure that it is at the very cutting-edge of risk monitoring technology.

It’s not only user-friendly, but also futureproof. So you won’t have to worry about upgrading it every few months.


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